Green and Environmental Products
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Alchemy, Inc.

Modern and sculptural, all the functional metalwork from Pam Meyer's designs complement any decor. Classic forms provide a strong presence in an affordable manner...from place card holders to book marks.


Since 1988 Jill Fagin has crafted works of art from coiled aluminum wire and beads. This broad range of home accessories is perfect for entertaining an eclectic and sophisticated audience.


MAKIN’ TIME Computer Art Clocks are handcrafted using computer technology, much of it surplus or old components.

Each clock offers a whimsical view of our rapidly changing technology, preserving it as functional art rather than landfill.

Due to the scrap nature and process, no two are ever exactly alike!

Perfect for home or office, an eco-friendly gift for all ages.


Pewter pocket star of david coins.

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